Our Story

Madhu Shetti, a cancer doctor and founder of Balmere™ suffered over 10 years from a painful skin condition on her face and body. As a young adult, she withdrew from sports and social activities (especially during flares) for fear others would see her skin.

She was unhappy on the inside and outside.

After 10+ years of failed treatments, a Brazilian Dermatologist prescribed a systemic drug that led to a cure -- but also long-term side effects like joint pain and sun-sensitivity.

Given her experience as a patient, she decided to become a physician. She graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and served as chief resident during her radiation oncology residency at the University of Washington.

As an Oncologist, she observed her patients suffering painful skin symptoms during and after cancer treatments. Available skincare options were not effective and frequently left a greasy, white cast on the skin.

Inspired to improve cancer care, Dr. Shetti enrolled full-time at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). She completed R & D, founded Balmere™ and earned her Master's in Management.

Today, the team at Balmere™ works tirelessly to enable our customers to do what they love with the people they cherish the most.

Meet Our Team

Madhu Shetti, M.D.

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Katherine Garlinghouse

Chief Operations Officer

Alexandra Eitel

Chief Communications Officer

Thais Leal

Chief Marketing Officer