Why Choose Balmere®?

As physicians ourselves, we understand how limited your time is.

We could not find safe & effective products to recommend to our patients. Many contained allergens. Even worse, some ingredients can reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

This spurred the creation of Balmere®.

Our goal: develop safe & effective products that Clinicians can Trust and recommend with confidence.

Research & Development

Protecting the skin barrier is not enough.

We researched molecular pathways to prevent skin damage--encompassing both Oncology and Dermatology fields.

We do not use high dose anti-oxidants or growth factors that can interfere with cancer treatments.


All Balmere® products undergo third-party clinical testing so you can trust the results.

We post third party verified reviews, so you see honest feedback from real customers without any financial incentives.

Domestic Manufacturing

Balmere® products are made in the USA at FDA-certified labs, so we can actively oversee & ensure stringent quality control.

Our state-side manufacturing allows efficient supply chain management and prompt delivery of our products to you.

Sample Request

Please email us at to request samples and/or educational materials.